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Save Lives – One Life at a Time – One Day at a Time.

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Intervention and Education Program

Talbot Services’ name sake, Matthew Talbot, was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1856 and died in 1925.

He was by his own report an active alcoholic by the age of 13. In his early 30s he embraced sobriety and spent the remainder of his life working with and for those people who also experienced problems with alcohol and other drugs.

To many he is considered a saint. Following Mat Talbot’s example, St. Charles Mercy Hospital opened the Talbot Center treatment program in 1986. For 20 years the Talbot Center provided care for people with alcohol and other drug problems. The hospital closed Talbot Center in early 2006.

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Talbot Services is an independent effort to continue the traditions of excellence started by the hospital following the example of Mat Talbot.

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Our mission is to Save Lives – One Life at a Time – One Day at a Time.

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