72-Hr Testimonials


The first thing I’d like to say for those who are coming in the Talbot Services is to RELAX! The course is not hard, the counselors are really great, the beds are comfortable, and the food is awesome. But remember to bring pants and long shirts because it can get cold. #1 thing – Do …

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Before coming here I was nervous, anxious and convinced it was going to be a nightmare. However, leaving this program I am taking with me some very valuable information which has impacted how I will make further decisions pertaining to drinking. And those choices I make while drinking. This impact was made due to the …

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This program is resourceful, respectful, and helpful. It’s not what you expect, they treat you like a person rather than a criminal. Initially the material is hard to adjust to but once you open to it is a great program. Lana – 22 – 8/10, 72 Hour Residential Driver Intervention Program


I seriously dreaded coming to this program about 2 weeks before coming. To be honest it was nothing that I expected, it was really a great experience and not bad at all. The classes are interesting and the instructor is fun, she keeps the class interesting and fun. So don’t dread coming because it is …

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